Panda Profiles

Get to know all the members
of unique panda family.

  • Youhin (Female)

    Born September 4, 1992 at Chengdu Zoo in China
    Arrived in the park on September 6, 1994
    Passed away July 17, 1997

    Youhin's name was made from a combination of the short-form character for Chengdu, and the second character from Shirahama. After it was decided that she would be sent to the park, she was given that name. She had a round face and two hair whorls between her eyes. She enjoyed climbing trees and could often be found playing or sleeping in the branches, while she was also very cautious in nature and would grow alert when she heard sounds she didn't recognize.

  • Eimei (Male)

    Born September 14, 1992 at Beijing Zoo in China
    Arrived at Adventure World on September 6, 1994

    Fathering six cubs with Meimei and 10 with Rauhin, this father panda has shown excellent skill in breeding. He has a laid back personality and is always calm. He has a distinctive appearance with his long snout, long legs, and slim physique.

  • Meimei (Female)

    Born August 31, 1994 at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China
    Arrived at Adventure World on July 7, 2000
    Passed away October 15, 2008

    Two months after she arrived at Adventure World she gave birth to Rauhin, and went on to birth and raise six cubs with Eimei. She was a loving mother panda and the world's first recorded panda to raise twins on her own in captivity.

  • Rauhin (Female)

    Born September 6, 2000 at Adventure World

    Born in Japan, she was the first panda to give birth to twin cubs here in this nation in 2008. Equally as talented a mother as Meimei, she has given birth to 10 cubs. Her features are the short snout and round face.

  • Yuhin (Male)

    Born December 17, 2001 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in June 2004

    A panda with a rare winter birthday, he was the world's first panda born in December in captivity. He was also the first panda born at Adventure World to return to China. Today he is an accomplished father with more than 15 cubs to his name.

  • Ryuhin (Male) and Shuhin (Male)

    Born September 8, 2003 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in October 2007

    Ryuhin was the older of the first twin pandas born in Japan. His defining feature was the white coloring around his eyes. He was calm and kind, and even appeared reserved when playing with his twin brother, Shuhin.Shuhin was the younger of the first twin pandas born in Japan. His large ears stood out. He was rough and wild when he was young, but today he is an accomplished father of four cubs in China.

  • Kouhin (Male)

    Born August 23, 2005 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in March 2010

    Kouhin was a playful, charming panda. He loved climbing trees and swinging, and was always active and playing. His defining characteristics were his long legs, long snout, and big ears.

  • Aihin (Female) and Meihin (Male)

    Born December 23, 2006 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in December 2012

    Aihin loved food, and was rarely a picky eater. She often took bamboo from her twin brother Meihin and ate it. Her round face and light brown eyes really stood out. She gave birth to her first cub in 2016 and is now a mother panda.Meihin weighed only 84 grams at birth, and was the smallest ever born at Adventure World, but he grew big and strong. He was laid back and loved attention. He often spent time lazing about, and could be seen staring up at the sky.

  • Meihin (Female) and Eihin (Male)

    Born September 13, 2008 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in February 2013

    Meihin was the first born of Rauhin's first twins. She loved to nap and go about her own leisurely way. She had a round face just like her mother. She gave birth to her first cub in 2016 and is now a mother panda.
    Eihin was the second born of Rauhin's first twins. He was small and weak when he was young, but he grew up big and strong and was sent to China. He was playful and loved attention, and had a long snout just like Eimei.

  • Kaihin (Male) and Youhin (Female)

    Born August 11, 2010 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in June 2017

    Kaihin was a calm, easygoing panda. He loved attention and would often hang off his mother, Rauhin, as he played as a cub. He had long legs just like his father, Eimei.
    Youhin was both strong-willed yet sometimes easily frightened and reserved. She loved ice cakes and snowmen, and was often seen picking them up and playing. Her stand-out feature was the pointed hair at the top of her head.

  • Yuhin (Female)

    Born August 10, 2012 at Adventure World
    Sent to China in June 2017

    Yuhin had a very straightforward sort of personality. She was well behaved, and finished her blood collection training much faster than the other pandas. She had slanted, almond-shaped eyes.

  • Ouhin (Female) and Touhin (female)

    Born December 2, 2014 at Adventure World

    Ouhin is calm and always does things her own way. Compared to her younger twin, Touhin, she has bigger ears and a rounder face. Touhin is super active and always curious. She has smaller ears than Ouhin and her face is more triangular in shape.

  • Yuihin (Female)

    Born September 18, 2016 at Adventure World

    Yuihin, weighing 197 grams at birth, still remains the largest when newly born at the park. She is quite curious, and takes right to big new play equipment and slides with no sign of fear.

  • Saihin (Female)

    Born August 14, 2018 at Adventure World

    Weighing only 75 grams at birth, she was the smallest newborn ever given birth at the park. While there were once concerns for her survival, our staff's dedicated support and Rauhin's motherly love helped her grow big and healthy.

  • Fuhin (Female)

    Born November 22, 2020 at Adventure World

    Fuhin was born weighing 157 grams. She was the first panda to be delivered by an entirely Japanese staff. Lively right from birth, she moved around a lot, almost falling from Rauhin's tummy. Thanks to Rauhin's loving care, she has grown up fast.