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Run in the sky. Shout of joysounds. Pleasure is infinite!

Play Zone

Ocean View Ferris Wheel

Big Adventure Rollercoaster

It had renewal opened at 16th,March 2014. On the ocean view scenery is the best! You can enjoy with the family. "temporary closure"
Run in the sky of Adventure World. Roller coaster has terrible thrill.

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Dolphin Coaster

Lion ,Sea Lion and Panda!! Assembled animals in Adventure World! It's cheerful Merry-Go-Round. The roller coaster advance like a dolphin swim in the sea. Let's round in Enjoy World.

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Space Fighter

Highway Cart

Let's go space travel. Let's handle two buttons, shoot down the front rocket. It's a trick course of 1000m in the total length. Let's drive with racer mood.

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Kids Drive

Pandaful Coaster

Ride on your favorite car! Let's drive the solid course!
A lot of panda! Let's go ride on panda type miniture coaster!

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Air Racer

Challenge Cart

Ride on gondola of plane type. Let's flyaway to the sky! Let's start riding on cart.

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Flying Swing

Big swing of box type. It's funny ride in one or two people.

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Enjoy Dome  You can enjoy playing

Animal Fantasy

Space Noah

New enjoy ride opened!
Let's go to the world of the fantasy getting on a lovely cup.
Ride on gondola of ship type. It's refreshing ride, get over the big and small wave in the space.

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Sky Ship

Little Adventure

Let's go aerial cycling in Enjoy Dome by a sky ship. Let's start adventure on the little bee roller coaster!!

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Sky Go-Cart

Let's Go Thomas

It's new feeling Go-cart! Let's run about the course of solid! Everyone likes Thomas the Tank Engines! It's miniture tirain that can be enjoyed by parent and child.

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Enjoy Tower

Kids Park

A lot of dream happiness are full of children's dream. It's big jungle gym. Ball pool and cyber wheel etc. There are lot of popular toy!

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Lady Bug Samba

Ride a Cute Lady Bag.Let's go picnic.