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Many Impression

Panda Land


Exhibition of Giant Panda(PANDA LOVE)

You can see the Giant Panda family.

I want to know more! Panda school.

The learning tour about Giant Panda living in Adventure World.


Panda Land


Exhibition of Giant Panda(Breeding Center)

You can see the Giant Panda family.

The Baby Giant Panda"Yuihin"


Panda Love Tour

The charm of a giant panda is discovered. Encounter of impression is waiting.


Panda Land


Marine Live

Dolphin and Whale's speedy and dynamic live.


Panda Land


Animal Acttion

Assembled animals!There are many happy performances.It's slapstick live.

Photo with a Sea Lion

Take a commemorative photo with a Sea Lion

Animal Action Feeling Tour

You can communicate with the animals on Animal Action.


Panda Land


Dolphin Watching

Let's watch dolphins!

Dolphin Feeding Time

Let's feed dolphins!


Panda Land


Dolphin Feeding

Touch a dolphin! Shake hands with them. Feed fish to them.

Dolphin Smile Shot

Let's take pictures with cute dolphin!


Panda Land


Sea Otter Feeding Time

Sea otters eat shellfish and cuttlefish.

Penguin warking



Panda Land


Polar Bear Feeding Time

You can see that Polor Bear dive into the pool.

Penguin Feeding Time

Let's see that Penguin eat fish by dexterously using rostral.


Panda Land


Kenya Train

The Kenya train available for seeing around over the Safari World.

Walking Safari

Let's get closer to wild animals at your own pace!

Cheetah lecture

Cheetah is the fastest runner in the world !See cheetahs closer!

Malayan Tapir Lecture

Lecture about Marayan Tapir has monochrome pattern.

Safari Caravan

It's first experience!New tour debut!

The Sky Bus

Let's explore for Safari World by Double decker!

Special Bus

Visit in "Wild Animal Lodge".It's special bus tour!

The sky special bus

The special bus tour the back yard can also experience!

Jeep Safari Explore Tour

Get closer to animals! It's dynamic guide tour!

Family Jeep(Rental Jeep)

The jeep is reserved in family or group.

Animal Patrol

This tour is recommended for the carnivore fan.

Animal Rescue

Special tour just once a day!

Cycling Safari

Going through the walking course on bicycle.

Cart Safari

Enjoy seeing herbivorous animal up close on a special safari cart.

Giraffe Feeding

Let's feed snak to them!

Lion Feeding

See Lions feeding up close.


See Rhinos up close!


Panda Land


Red and Green Macaw

Touching with Red-and-green Macaw has vivid color wing.

Squirrel Monkey

Enjoy touching the Squirrel monky!

Asian Short Clawed Otter Feeling

Touching with River Otter flourish in Animal Action.

Puppy Lecture

Let's ask trainer about training.

Rabbit friendly time

Friendly time with rabbit.


Panda Land


Excited! Chimpanzee Classroom(Lecture)

This lecture is Chimpanzee closely related to human.

Hippopotamus Feeding Time

Hippopotamus will open the big mouse!

Asian Short clawed Otter Feeding

See the River Otter that eats the fish by using the forefoot well.

Capybara Walking

Capybara walk to their bedroom

Birds of paradise tour

And do not ever experience, learn to fun!

Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding Time

Feed to Rainbow Lorikeet has vivid color wing.

Animal tour to be heated to be heated

Let's give feeds to animals! An animal guide guides you.


Panda Land


Pony Ride

Ride a pony and take a turn in the ground.

White Horse Ride

Ride a white horse and take a turn in the ground.


Panda Land


Taking Photo with Dogs

Taking photo with the dog.

Walking the Dogs

Enjoy taking a walk with a lovely dog.

Let's be a dog trainer

Experience of lecture and trainer with dog.


Panda Land


Penguin Parade

Lovely penguins parade.

Let's Dance Together

Let's dance by fun music together!!

Nice Age Cart

You can move by the cart in the park.

Animal Fan

Middle age group only! Premium tour

Premium Roman Tour

Middle age group only!Premium tour!!