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Frequently Asked Questions

About Park

  • Q1

    Which attractions are included in Entrance Fee?

    You can enjoy attractions such as Dolphins and Whales Live, Sealions Live, Safari World Kenya Train, and touching with some animals. Optional tours and attraction rides in Play Zone needs additionl fees.


    How can I join in optional tours and attractions?

    The reservation acceptance time, place, and method are different according to the tour. Please confirm the details from the tour list.

  • Q3

    How can I re-enter the Park?

    You can re-enter the Park on that day only. Please make sure you have your hand or ticket stamped at the Entrance Gate when exiting, and show it when re-entering.


    Untill what time can I enter a Park?

    You can enter a Park until before one hour closing.
    But there is an attraction that cannot be done. Please enter after confirming the schedule.

  • Q5

    Are there any attractions with some restrictions?

    Some animal rides and amusement rides have age restrictions and minimum height restrictions for your safety.
    Please confirm the staff and the guide display of each attractions in detail.

Marine World

  • Q1

    What time and where can I see Marine Live?

    You can enjoy Dolphins and Whales Live, Sealion Live(show). See Marine Live Schedule for live times and places.


    Where can I see dolphins up close?

    You can see dolphins closely at Dolphin Petting Pool or the dolphin watching time after each Marine Live at the Big Ocean. Please see the marine world event information.

Safari World

  • Q1

    What is "Kenya train"?

    It is a vehicle of the train type that you can see herbivorous animals and carnivorous animals in Safari World about 25 minutes. You can get on it from the Kenya Boarding Area. (It is not possible to stop over.) Please confirm the departure time at there.


    Where can I see animals of Safari World closely?

    You can see animals closely at the Elephant hill, Giraffe terrace, Cheetah view, and Lion terrace in Safari World. To enjoy it you should go by the walking safari tour (free of charge) and the cycling safari tour, cart safari tour, etc.

  • Q3

    How can I enjoy Safari World?

    We prepare various optional tours in Safari World. Please participate in your favorite tour.

    Kenya Train Super Seat You can enjoy the Safari World on special wide seat and with special DVD image.
    Walking Safari Tour Let's get closer to wild animals at your own pace!
    Cycling Safari Tour Going through the walking course on a bicycle.
    Cart Safari Tour Enjoy seeing herbivorous animal up close going on a special safari cart.
    Sky Adventure Bus Toward to the carnivore & herbivor zone. Let's explore for Safari World by double decker!
    Jeep Safari Explore Tour A keeper guides you on the Safari World by jeep.
    Family Jeep You can drive the special jeep yourself. (The course is the same as Jeep Safari Tour.)
    Animal Patrol The main of this tour is the carnivorous animal. We will guide to the"Wild Animal Lodge".
    Animal Rescue This is special tour just once a day that can enjoy carnivore accommodation experience.
    Special Bus Enjoy Visiting "Wild Animal Lodge" and get in touch with herbivorous animals also.
    Train King Let's get on the driving passenger's seat.
    Please see the Safari Tour about reservation method, fee, time and limitation.

Giant Panda

  • Q1

    What is "Panda Love Tour"?

    You can see a panda up close and give their favorite, apple. See Panda Love for more informations.


    When pandas move actively?

    Please come to Breeding Center and Panda Love in the morning. You will see pandas eating bamboo and playing actively.

Enjoy World

  • Q1

    When and where can I buy Free Pass for Play Zone amusement ride?

    It is sold at Play Zone every day. Please ask the staff without reserve.


  • Q1

    Adventure World Rules and Manners

    • All the lives, attractions or tours may be stopped or canceled due to animals' condition or the weather without notice. Fees are also subject to change without notice. Please be sure to accept this.
    • Adventure World is committed to providing maximum protection of guests' personally identifiable information.
    • For your safety, some attractions have restrictions. Please confirm at the Park in detail.
    • Please be aware that the Park will not be responsible for any accidents related to your carelessness.
    • Please cooperate to the separation of smoking areas. For enjoyable day to all the guests, please smoke in the smoking areas.

Park Guide