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Park Guide

Guide of Fees

*All of fare may be changed without a previous notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Tickets Fees

1Day Pass

Entrace to the Park,Marine Live, Safari on the Kenya Tour.

Adult (Age 18+) 4,500yen
Senior (Age 65+) 4,000yen
Junior (SHS & JHS student) 3,500yen
Child (Ele.student Ages 4+) 2,500yen

2Day Pass

Valid for any two dayswith in a three day period.

Adult (Age 18+) 7,900yen
Senior (Age 65+) 7,200yen
Junior (SHS & JHS student) 5,800yen
Child (Ele.student Ages 4+) 3,900yen

Year Pass

Valid for one year from the date of validation by registered owner showing proof of identity.

Adult (Age 18+) 15,800yen
Senior (Age 65+) 14,400yen
Junior (SHS & JHS student) 10,900yen
Child (Ele.student Ages 4+) 7,200yen

Twilight park tickets

7/22(Sat)-8/31(Thurs) 16:00 pm~. Sold: Only in the ticket counter

Adult (Age 18+) 2,900yen
Senior (Age 65+) 2,850yen
Junior (SHS & JHS student) 2,300yen
Child (Ele.student Ages 4+) 1,700yen

Upgrading to a [2-Day Pass] or [One year Pass]

Upgrades are available only at the time of visiting the park with a valid entrance ticket for a fee (*)
[Ticket Sales Office] at Support Center (Entrance Dome ticket counter)

*Different fees apply for 2-Day Passes, Year Passes and One-Day Passes. 2-Day Passes may be upgraded to Year Passes.

Parking Fees

Car 1,200yen
Bus 2,000yen
Bicycle & Motor cycle 500yen

Park Guide