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Location 2399 Katada, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama
TEL 0570-064481 (switchboard)

Access by Car

Access from the Nanki-Shirahama interchange

  1. 1. get off the Nanki-Shirahama interchange and go straight (about 3 kilometers)
  2. 2. Turn left at the Gongendani-higashi intersection(go about 100 meters)
  3. 3. Turn right at the Gongendani intersection(go about 1.5 kilimeters)
  4. 4. Turn right at the Kushigamine intersection(go about 500 meters)
  5. 5. Arrive at the entrance of Adventure World!

Access from Nanki-Tanabe interchange

  1. 1. get off the Nanki-Tanabe interchange and turn left at the first signal lights.
  2. 2. Go straight along the Prefectual Route 33 at the Tazu intersection. (about 300 meters)
  3. 3. follow the Prefectural Route 33. (go about 5 kilimeters)
  4. 4. Turn left at the Fujishima-kita intersection and follow the road(go about 200 meters)
  5. 5. Go straight to the Momonoki intersection and follow the road. (go about 800 meters)
  6. 6. Turn right at the end and follow the road. (go about 800 meters)
  7. 7. Arrive at the entrance of Adventure World.

Access by Bus

The starting location by bus The time required by bus
From Kyoto The Kyoutanabe highway bus or Kyoto station Hachijo exit approx. 4hr
From Osaka Namba (OCAT) or JR highway bus terminal in Osaka station approx. 3hr30min
From Tokyo Get off the bus at the Toretore-ichiba-mae from Yokohama, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Omiya, and please take the fix-routed bus.(about 10 minutes) approx. 12hr

Access by Train

Access by Train

Access from principal cities. Please take the fix-routed bus from JR Shirahama station (about 10 minutes)

The starting location by train The time required by train
From Kyoto (JR Kyoto station) JR-Line Kiseihonsen Express
: approx. 2hr50min
From Osaka (JR Shin-Osaka station) JR-Line Kiseihonsen Express: approx. 2hr30min
From Osaka (JR Tennoji station) JR-Line Kiseihonsen Express
: approx. 2hr
From Nagoya (JR Nagoya station) JR-Line Bullet train +Kiseihonsen Express : approx. 3hr50min

Access by Plane

The starting location by plane The time required by plane
From Tokyo(Haneda) JAL :approx.70 min
The route bus goes right up to Adventure World from Nanki Shirahama Airport.
(It takes about 5 min)

Park Guide